CEBE Iquitos - Loreto, Peru

We are a School in Iquitos, Peru for students with special abilities.  Our partnership is focused in two areas: education and education/teaching gardens the living conditions of the people, their collaborators and the environment around them.

We work with education is mostly in collaboration with the Nika Project, one of our global partners.  We work on training with teachers and students using high tech and low tech tools that are focused on augmentative alternative communication in the  environment around them. This will be the second year with this partnership

Instituto Perucano

We are a registered association, non-profit organization in Peru established to provide professional development opportunities for Peruvians to lead in their fields of expertise and we invite the international community to join us on our journey.  We cultivate and share social capital which provides a path forward for professionals to access resources to create regenerative social and environmental change.

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