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EverGreen Institute -

San Rafael, Loreto, Peru

Evergreen partnership to host local and international students for service-learning trips to the Peruvian Amazon.  Their program currently offers field research for European students that work on local initiatives in their community.  We are offering trips and research opportunities to include not only foreigners but also local participants from Peru to complete fieldwork at their center.  I will include information about what they offer, as they would be the same thing available for us via the partnership.

The evergreen partnership recognizes the initiative of the Community of San Rafael (Loreto) by the conservation of its forests and supports them in the development of activities that contribute to fostering the community's desire for sustainable and respectful development with nature. We currently carry out collection tasks of information and monitoring of biodiversity in the San Rafael Communal Reserve for the purpose of management, resource management, and ecotourism. We accompany the process with activities of environmental education with the community. We have designed an Internship Program and Volunteering, which welcomes profiles in science, biological, environmental, educators and lovers from nature who want to join and participate in this promising initiative and enrichment at the same time.


Evergreen Institute - Our Mission

We believe in the sustainable development of Amazonian peoples closely linked to the development of conservation projects. We want to encourage communities to become active actors in their own development and in their region, revaluing their ancestral knowledge, their rights and the role they play in the management and conservation of natural resources

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