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Nika Project - United States

The partnership involved volunteer trips from teachers and speech pathologists that organize yearly trips to Peru to provide direct support and training in schools with different abilities. This involved one-week programs in a specific school in Lima, Iquitos or Cuzco where a team of professionals leads in-classroom training with students and educators.  Technology donations are collected and distributed during trips that have included Ipods and tablets for non-internet based programs for students and teachers to use in the classroom

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Nika - Our Mission

We empower persons with disabilities by implementing access to repurposed assistive technology in the San Francisco Bay Area and around the globe.

Nika realizes the power of technology to transform education for all students. By implementing modern tools that give every student the ability to respond and interact, we change how our teachers deliver educational content. Through our mission, we are shifting away from the traditional paradigm of repetition and pen and paper in order to reveal what is possible for diverse learners and needs.

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