Center for Innovation in 

Sustainable food systems (CISAS)

Center for Innovation in Sustainable Food Systems (CISAS)

We facilitate training opportunities currently in Peru, Honduras, Mexico, and the United States through strategic partnerships and the development of individual training programs with aspiring students and young professionals in Peru. We host international students interested in supporting one of the following areas of training in Peru:

Areas of Training

Production Farming

Education & Community Agriculture

Innovation & Research

Sustainable Supply


Some of the points to focus:

Mentor students seeking opportunities in Peru and internationally to support the development of regional food security and sovereignty in Peru.

Lead online courses in agroecokogy, urban agriculture.

Promote resources and opportunities for professional development

Create opportunities for entrepreneurs to develop skills in areas of:

Develop Skills

Buisness Plan Development

Financial management

Leadership skills

Marketing & Sales

Instituto Perucano

We are a registered association, non-profit organization in Peru established to provide professional development opportunities for Peruvians to lead in their fields of expertise and we invite the international community to join us on our journey.  We cultivate and share social capital which provides a path forward for professionals to access resources to create regenerative social and environmental change.

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